April 18, 2006

L.A. Immigration Protest

It appears that the City of Los Angeles is potentially going to experience a rough day. There is a plot being planned to shut down L.A. Michelle Malkin has a great post on this topic. Read it hear. You may want to go out of your way to avoid the L.A. region.

Apparently, May 1st is the day in which many individuals are planning an immigration boycott.

Here is the letter from their homepage:

Event Details: Support the Fight for Immigrant Workers' Rights Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

Dear Sisters and brothers,

We call on you to endorse and organize for the May 1 Great American Boycott 2006 in support of Amnesty and full rights for undocumented workers called by the March 25th Coalition Against HR4437 and many other immigrant organizations. (The May 1 national call is included below). In NYC, The May 1 Great American Boycott 2006 Coalition will rally and march on Monday, May 1 starting at 4:00 pm in UNION SQUARE, on 14th Street in Manhattan.

Be in the Streets on April 10, the national day of action in support of immigrant rights, and in NYC on April 29 for the March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy - and then on to May 1.

This is an issue that all working people and progressive organizations must embrace. The struggle for immigrant rights is a vital part of the struggle against racism and repression, and for the full rights of all working people. Let's all be in the streets on May 1 in support of the call coming from the Los Angeles March 25th Coalition Against HR4437. Organize local protests on May 1. Organize boycotts and student walkouts. Connect local issues that you're organizing around with the struggle for Immigrant Rights. We strongly encourage all who are organizing May 1 events to make sure that their program and demands reflect solidarity with immigrant workers and Hurricane Katrina Survivors. Let's build on the unity and momentum. To Endorse the NYC May 1st Action...

The NY Area May 1 Great American Boycott Supporters

Un llamado en apoyo al 1? de mayo de 2006
"El Gran Paro Americano" por Derechos Inmigrantes

Reuni?n y Marcha
Lunes 1? de mayo
4:00 pm
Union Square

Respalde la lucha por derechos de obreros inmigrantes
Justicia para sobrevivientes del hurac?n Katrina
?El Pueblo Unido Jam?s ser? vencido!

Queridas Hermanas y Hermanos,

Le invitamos a endosar y a organizar para "El Gran Paro Americano 2006" ?ste 1? de mayo en apoyo a amnist?a y derechos completos por trabajador@s indocumentad@s llamado por March 25th Coalition Against HR4437 y muchas otras organizaciones inmigrantes. (El llamado nacional del 1? de mayo es incluido abajo). En la ciudad de Nueva York, la coalici?n del 1? de mayo del Gran Paro Americano 2006 se reunir? y marchar? el lunes 1? de mayo comenzando a las 4:00 P.M. en "UNION SQUARE" en la calle 14 en Manhattan.

Mant?nganse en las calles el 10 de abril, el d?a nacional de acci?n respaldando derechos inmigrantes, tambi?n el 29 de abril en la ciudad de Nueva York en la marcha por la Paz, Justicia, y Democracia - y luego al 1? de mayo.

?ste es un asunto que todo el pueblo obrero y organizaciones progresivas deben abrazar. La lucha por derechos inmigrantes es una parte vital de la lucha contra el racismo y la represi?n, y por derechos completos del pueblo trabajador. Tod@s estemos en las calles el 1? de mayo en apoyo al llamado que viene de la coalici?n de Los ?ngeles llamado March 25th Coalition Against HR4437. Organicen protestas locales ?ste 1? de mayo. Organicen paros y huelgas estudiantiles. Hagan esos enlaces de asuntos locales que usted est? organiz?ndose con la lucha por derechos inmigrantes. Animamos fuertemente a tod@s l@s que est?n organizando los acontecimientos del 1? de mayo que est?n cierto que su programa y demandas reflejen solidaridad con trabajador@s inmigrantes y sobrevivientes del hurac?n de Katrina. D?jenos construir en la unidad y la energ?a. Para Endosar la acci?n del 1? de mayo en NYC...

Partidarios Del Gran Paro Americano 1? de Mayo ?rea Nueva York

Hopefully the city and local businesses are making the necessary preparations to handle this. Also, I am sure there will be MANY illegals aliens present. I can only hope that the US Immigration Office is present.

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Comments on L.A. Immigration Protest

"papers please!"

good idea.

|| Posted by juan valdez, April 23, 2006 07:24 PM ||

Many immigrants have come to America through our history. Many of them have done so in a correct manner and observe our heritage and what it means to be an American.

Some do not, some just think being here with no auto insurance, having many children that the we all pay for, are on Welfare, Medicare or other State paid benefits, do not file income taxes and appear to have no interest in becoming a Legal Citizen.. yet still believe that America is a great place.

It is. I feel though that if you want to be treated the same as me or any other Legal Citizen, you must abide by our laws, do as we do and face the responsibilities of being an American and not just coast along for the free ride.

I have many friends of Mexican descent and some of them are trying to obtain their citizenship in the correct manner, I approve of this. I do not approve of those who take advantage of "the system" and believe that they are justified.

R White

|| Posted by Robert White, April 24, 2006 12:36 PM ||

i can only hope you country burns in hell.. and that the US Immigration Office burns too, with YOUR heritage.

oh by the way, not only Osama wants ya'll dead.. so watch your back.

you live in your fancy "world" only because you have them wetbacks working their asses off for you.. and you have us the REAL americans buying your products, but HEY that's not gonna happen anymore, if you don't sell you will crash.. or what? can you support that too?

all i can say is F U K America.. thanks for giving me the Freedom of speech assholes... there's my email for anyone with enough brains to write.

|| Posted by Xavier, April 27, 2006 08:31 AM ||

Yeah!! that's my man Xavi! You heard it bithces, watch your asses. May 1st, you will not believe your eyes when you see ALL the real cultures standing together in such a beautiful cause.
I hope, and i strongly believe it will give very good results.

|| Posted by CuTY, April 27, 2006 08:38 AM ||

This is not an immigrant rights protest - it's an illegal immigrant rights protest. It's not fair to all the people that worked so hard to get their citizenship legally. These people need vaccinations, they need to be taught english, and many will probably need some form of social assistance (food stamps, government food programs, welfare, etc). There are reasons why these laws are in place.

|| Posted by Dan, April 27, 2006 11:15 AM ||

You will NEVER see a person of Hispanic descent (those who are obviously being targeted) on a street corner asking for money. What you will see, on the other hand, are those same immigrants asking for work, desperately wanting to make their money the honorable way. We are a hard working Race and we contribute tremendous to this booming economy. Have some compassion, WE WERE ALL IMMIGRANTS AT SOME POINT IN OUR FAMILY TREE, do your research…Irish, Italian, Asian, Indian, etc.. Just don’t complain when you’re at the register paying $10 for a bag of grapes.
Educate yourselves, learn your TRUE ENEMY!!!!! We should advertise "The Land Of The Free(sometimes)!"

M. de la Torre

|| Posted by M. de la Torre, April 27, 2006 11:28 PM ||


|| Posted by MARIA, April 28, 2006 10:32 AM ||

I am a Canadian who jumped through many hoops to live and work in the US. I had a 6-figure job and a company willing to sponsor me, and I was still put through a LOT of CRAP. That was ok with me. It is not my RIGHT to live and work in the US and US Immigration has every right to ask me and anyone else who wants to emigrate to the US to go through whatever process they want!

Look. The bottom line is that wanting some controls over your borders is NOT racism. Immigrants who follow the correct process are welcome in the USA. Does US Immigration need to fix their policies - absolutely, but why should anyone, from any country, have the right to jump ahead of all the other people who are trying to come into the US legally?

Also: using the term "undocumented" does not get around the fact that coming into the country illegally does makes one an ILLEGAL immigrant.

Finally, the companies in the US that hire "undocumented" workers are the most to blame. They need to insist their employees have a valid SSN, and are legally entitled to work in the US. They need to be heavily penalized for not doing so.
US immigration must also change the law so that if a company is willing to sponsor someone legally, no matter what the position, that they may do so, and that the worker who comes into the country for that position has the opportunity to apply legally for residency and eventually citizenship.

If we all play by the rules, then the borders would be more secure, the opportunities will be fairly distributed and open to everyone.

S Mills

|| Posted by S. Mills, April 29, 2006 04:10 PM ||

The immigrant issue historically has been about "ECONOMICS", the racial biased is projected by those who are basically "racist" and inject stereotypical fear into the debate.
Let's not get scooped up into "racial politics'', rather lets understand the immigrant issue by anaylisis of basic economics: The agricultural, resturant, construction, and house keeping among other businesses have a business plan to remain competitive locally and internationally: that is make a profit. The consumer that means all "Americans" like to purchase our vegetables, gardeners, cuisine, home improvement workers, car wash at a reasonable price in economics that requires workers with low wages. As "Americans" we have a standard of living that requires good wages, thus I have never heard in my 10 years of teaching a student tell me that he wants to wash cars, pick vegetables, wash dishes for living.
As "consumers" we don't want to pay $8-10 lbs for "American grown" brocolli, corn, etc..we would rather buy imported brocolli, corn etc at $1.99 lbs from Latin American/Asia and the global market would bankrupt our Agricultural business and leave us dependent on vegetables and food from the international market, that would be disasterous to our economy and well being.
So, I would urge congress and my fellow "Americans" to understand that Immigration is an Economical issue, not a "Race" issue and those elected representatives and fellow "Americans" that instill stereotypical fear in this debate are undermining the Globalization of our economy and the competitiveness of other countries like China/India to absorb our businesses.
I believe that the May 1, 2006 march is intended to remind us that withour cheap labor we would be consuming at higher prices and buying imported vegetables and other goods. Our economic system is not as generous and strictly monitor like the European System of Social (Socialist) Democracy .

|| Posted by Isreal Rodriguez De Carvajal, April 30, 2006 03:26 AM ||

One thing that should be noted is that for all of you who are not aware, May Day has always been a historical event, its a Worker Holiday celebrated all over the world commemorating the Hay Market Riot of 1886 in Chicago Illinois. Its not ONLY about immigration. However, even if you disagree with what protestors like myself are going to be saying on the 1st, remember where most of your goods come from. Without these people who are willing to take American jobs even Americas wont take, we'd surely see a different face of America.

|| Posted by Aaron, April 30, 2006 08:20 PM ||

99.8% of illegal immigrants would do anything in their power to be legalized in America. I know its easy for people to say "fill out the documents and take the stupid test" but it's harder than that... when you realize that it takes YEARS for papers to get filed and processed while you're family is starving because your 16 hour a day job isn't doing anything for them you seek an alternative that WILL put food in their mouthes and a shelter over their heads.
Illegal immigration is however... well ILLEGAL... to just grant all illegal immigrants amnesty is unheard of in my eyes. I'm a first generation Chicana, my family immigrated here from mexico... some illegally and a few the right way. But even I can clearly see that we need reform in this country. Our border policies are a joke, the border needs to be secured predominantly for the threat of terrorist. Although I think i can say that most of the country will concur to that... problem we're dealing with now is the approximate 12 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S. My resolution is to start screening the immigrants that come forward and want to become citizens... if you can prove you've been in the country for a few years and have been contributing to society as well as pass health screens and have not broke the law I think they should be given the opportunity to become citizens.
Illegal immigrants help the economy... that can't be denied. Most illegals employed in the U.S use fake social security numbers to get jobs... so they lose out money in their checks yet never see a dime of it back because they're unable to file taxes. May 1st is for them and supporters like myself to say that "yes we know you make a difference and your voice is being heard" Although I doubt the efforts they're fighting for will be met at least the country and the world knows they tried.

|| Posted by darla, May 1, 2006 12:29 AM ||

While I completly understand your desire to want to immigrate to the US...because I myself immigrated. I have I think you are way out of line, in fact disgusting in the way you are going about this. I applied for citizenship, studied months for a very difficult test...and guess what, it was in ENGLISH...who would have thought! In case that is not familiar to you...it is the language spoken here. I also relenquished citizenship in my birth country, GLADLY! I do not fly that countrys flag.
And still you have the nerve to complain about not getting your money back from the IRS. You have put yourselves into this position, AND you are not the only immigrants to ever work hard. The US was built by hard working people.
Yes, everyone here was an immigrant at some point...but you have the distinction of being the only immigrants that are ILLEGAL!
Try becomming part of this country...and if you hat us...leave.
I have never had any issues with this, and I had alot of respect...until now....I frankly dont want to hear your voices...I never knew how stupid you all were.
Shut up and just go home. We will all do fine without you. Especially you Xavier....you are the poster child for this whole movement. And Darla if they would do ANYTHING in thier power...how about applying to immigrate to the US BEFORE you sneak across the border.
No matter how you attempt to spin this....if you came here withought papers you have commited a CRIME. Rule #1...we have laws, they have to be obeyed or else there is anarchy. We obey the laws of the land...what makes you so special that you are above the law? Oh I forgot...you work hard...ya, that makes you exempt.
I think perhaps you may need to rethink this stratgey.

|| Posted by Elizabeth, May 1, 2006 02:35 PM ||

If you don't like America GO Back to your COuntry of ORgin! Do you think your country would tolerate changing your native language, have signs in more than one lanugage, help you birth, feed, and give you better paying jobs.
No Your Country would just bring out the Federales and shoot you in the head, or heard you all up and send you back to where you came from. If you can not come to this country the greatest country in the world The United States OF America, the way everyone else did LEGALLY then go away. Don't go away mad Just Go Away.

|| Posted by Constance, May 2, 2006 12:55 PM ||

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